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Charlotte Wins Bronze

Charlotte played in her first Cadet Masters which was held at Burton Uxbridge on 21/22 February 2015. She was ranked 5 out of the 12 girls in the competition. The Masters event is a big round robin format where everybody has to play everybody. By the end of the tournament you are playing your last matches against players who you are most closely ranked with.

On the first day Charlotte recorded 6 out of 6 victories and looked comfortable against all of her opponents, dropping just 2 ends in the 6 matches. On day two she managed 3 wins out of 5, losing only to the No 1 and No 2 seeds of the tournament. With a total of 9 victories out of 11, she came 3rd overall in the competition. Kate Cheer from Sussex won with Denise Payet from Middlesex coming second. To secure her 3rd place, Charlotte had to win her last match of the day against Isabelle Joubeily from Surrey. It was a tense match which swung back and forth. Isabelle made a strong start winning the first end but then Charlotte came back to create a 2-1 lead. Isabelle then took the match to the 5th, but Charlotte came out of the blocks quickly and raced to a 5-0  lead which proved too much for Isabelle to recover from.

Charlotte was really pleased to get a bronze medal in the last Cadet Masters event in this format. She would like to thank all of the players and coaches at Woodfield for their great support this season.

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